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All about the Japanese writing system

Are you fascinated by the appearance of the Japanese language? Find out what lies behind it.

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Japanese Language

Get acquainted with one of the most complicated languages in the world, spoken by nearly 130 million people.

Japanese Writing System

All the details about the script, its history, origins and current form. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

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Welcome to the website of the Japanese Point Language School.
The website provides clear and detailed information on Japanese language and its writing system, which is usually sought out by potential students.

What do our students say about the courses?

I have been attending an individual Japanese course for quite some time and I’m perfectly satisfied. The school always meets my needs. I’m never bored during lessons with my teacher, I always get to know something new and I leave in a positive mood. The teacher designed a study plan according to my requirements and my time availability. So I can study with joy even such a difficult language as Japanese.

Amálie, individual course student since autumn 2015

I have been interested in Japan for a long time, but talking to the Japanese people was only possible with a few of them using elementary English. The Survival Japanese course encouraged me to learn more about the Japanese. Thanks to the course I now know that even minimal, imperfect attempts to express myself are guaranteed to be accepted enthusiastically by them.

Petr, student of the Survival Japanese Course for tourists in 2017

Me and my friend are absolutely content with the Japanese classes in Japanese Point. The classrooms are cozy and the school provides comfortable space for learning languages. What caught my interest in particular is the library with materials for further study that are available to borrow at the reception desk. But the most important are the teachers. We quickly grew fond of our sensei since she always creates a friendly atmosphere. We always leave excited and we look forward to our next lesson. And not only our sensei, but all the other teachers are also tremendously accommodating and willing to answer whatever question the curious students may have.

Marek, student of semi-individual course since autumn 2016

I discovered Japanese Point when I first found out that I was moving to Japan in a year. After overcoming the initial panic, as a busy working person I decided to at least pass level N5 of the JLPT. The exam preparatory course was thus my first one to attend. Miraculously I passed (with a great help of the advice during the course) and then I just continued improving my skills with one course after another. Luckily, the standard group course, the individual conversation with a native speaker and the special reading workshops could be paid with my company’s benefit programme money. Despite great workload during the last few months, I did not leave for Japan unable to speak. My gratitude goes to all the teachers.

Michal, student since autumn 2016