Take a look at what the school has to offer to the students.


Spacious and well-equipped, thematically decorated classrooms are named after Asian cities and provide inspiring learning environment. Free Wi-Fi and a cup of tea is granted to everyone.


Our dedicated teachers love their job and the classes always run in a friendly atmosphere. During the lesson we rotate various activities so that you never feel bored or weary. Children are also welcome; we always have lots of fun together.

Reception and library

The school has a library with a wide range of study materials from and about Asia. The books are lent to students to take home or to look through at the reception. Any inquires or requirements can be sorted out with the school coordinators at the reception.

Study materials

We use only verified textbooks and study materials in Czech or brought in from abroad. Beside the books, teachers also tend to use other educational tools such as videos, maps, flashcards, pictures etc.